Lady Godiva Boots Box

Lady Godiva Boots Box

Horace Batten is a traditional riding boots maker based in Ravensthorpe, Northamptonshire. We were in conversation with Tim Batten about producing a premium box to meet their premium products.

However, Horace Batten had been honoured with the task of producing a size 72 riding boot for an eight metre tall Lady Godiva puppet as part of the Cultural Olympics. In order for these boots to be presented to Lady Godiva, they needed a box to put them in.

Tim's brief was fairly simple – produce a classic looking strong boot box. However, the scale of the box was the challenge. The boots stood approximately 1600mm tall, and were 420mm from toe to heel. Not only that, we had less than two weeks to produce the box, ready for presentation to Northampton shoe museum on the 1st June 2012.

For authenticity we wanted to make the box tray out of one piece of board, so our Sovereign Queen was the only answer for strength and lightness. Our board supplier Abbey came up trumps with specially cut sheets of white board for us to produce the lid.

Tim gave us an open brief for the colouring and design of the box. We originally focused on a British Racing Green, but on discussion we felt a burgundy tray matched with a cream lid complimented both Horace Batten's and our logo as well as being in keeping with a traditional look and feel.

The boots and box have been presented to Northampton shoe museum on Friday the 1st of June 2012, and will remain there until Tuesday the 31st of July when they will be presented to Lady Godiva in Market Square Northampton.

You can follow Lady Godiva's journey by clicking the following link: